Off Road to Crown King


If you’re thinking of hitting the trails this week, take advantage of the weather and hit the back trail from Phoenix to Crown King. From our office in Northwest Peoria, pick up your off road rental and hit the trek just minutes away, north off Carefree Highway. Don’t miss the Crown King Saloon along your way and lots of other sights to see !

Check out this trail from Phoenix to Crown King!

Crown King Saloon

crown king saloon.jpg



2 thoughts on “Off Road to Crown King

  1. We are open 7 days a week so a Sunday rental is available for you group. Our office is located just a few miles south from the Crown King trail. The UTV is street legal, so you will drive a short distance to meet the trail and you’re good to go. The trek takes about 3 hours each way so make sure you plan your trip accordingly!


  2. Thinking about renting a 4 seater UTV for going to Crown King in May. Couple questions, do you work 7 days a week? My buddies that live down there are looking at a Sunday. Then do you deliver to the starting point to head up to Crown King? We are coming into town from Milwaukee and have no ability to trailer it


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